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About Divine Yoga School

Divine Yoga School is a registered Yoga School under Yoga Alliance (USA), located in the lap of Himalayan Foothills alongside the majestic Ganges River. Rishikesh, popularly Known as Yoga Capital of The world is serene and spiritual place having traditional roots and several mentions in ancient Hindu civilization. Long before yoga became known to the outside world, Rishikesh has been a sacred place for pilgrimage, sadhana (spiritual practice) and spiritual gatherings for all who seek self-discovery, spiritual development, a higher purpose in life or other variation of purposes on similar paths since ancient times.

We are among the leading yoga schools located in Rishikesh, known for imparting authentic and traditional knowledge about yoga and its various components such as Hatha Yoga, Yoga Philosopy, Pranayama & meditation. We established long back with an aim of teaching about yoga asanas along with practical implementation of yoga philosophy without any delusion, so that everyone associated with us knows about secrets of healthy and happy living.Our deep understanding of the true concepts of yoga and meditation and the ability to interpret it through scientific verification enables us to help people understand its core essence.

We offer various short term and long term Yoga teacher training courses, where our focus is to have a small and intimate class setting enabling individualized personalized attention to our students. We aim to create an open atmosphere and special bond between the students, teachers and our team. All of our courses are accredited by Yoga Alliance USA. we do have spanish translators specialized in ancient yoga terminologies to cater the needs of our students from spanish speaking countries.


Divine Yoga School is a Registered Yoga School with Yoga Alliance USA based in Rishikesh, All our Yoga Teacher Training Courses are accredited Yoga Alliance USA.

The accreditation of Divine Yoga school with Yoga Alliance is the assurance of the training quality, which meets the international standards of certifications/credentials of the curriculum of the teacher training program.
The programs are conducted by well-qualified and extensively experienced registered yoga teachers who are competent, knowledgeable, and maintain the high standards of teaching practices in the courses.

All our courses which include the 100 and 200 hour yoga teacher training courses are designed in consultation with scholars and experts in the field. The course material used in the training is drafted and checked by our board of studies. The board consists of scholars and practicing teachers with decades of experience and values of knowledge and wisdom.

Our Mission

Divine Yoga School is dedicated to its mission to share spiritual knowledge of Yoga and Meditation throughout the world with its philosophy and practical aspects in human life that help students to understand how to live a happy life.

Our Vision

Divine Yoga School, Rishikesh welcomes all those who wish to bring a positive change in their lives that is possible by learning authentic yoga, meditation and practical aspects of philosophy, taught by great Indian masters through guru and disciples tradition since the Vedic period.

Why Divine Yoga School ?

Divine Yoga School is situated in Rishikesh Valley (India), surrounded by the Himalayas. The school is a leading organization committed to the true and authentic teaching of Yoga and Meditation passed by the great yogis of the past without any confusion and delusion. The teaching in the school comprises traditional knowledge about yoga combined with the practical implementation of yoga philosophy, meditation, and pranayama. These are just a few names that can be used for understanding what we teach but there is much more.

All the knowledge is imparted with real-life experiences and practice sessions conducted at the yoga school in a very conducive atmosphere.

At Divine Yoga School, the Sadhaks (students) learn and practice Yogasana with correct postures and body alignment, breathing techniques, relaxation and recitation of mantra, the wisdom of Patanjali Yoga -Sutras, Human anatomy and physiology, Meditation, Life management, and teachings of Sri Mad Bhagwad Gita and great philosophers and much more in a fun and practical way.

By the end of the course, students are confident enough to practice yoga in their personal lives and teach others. They are awarded certificates affiliated with Yoga Alliance, USA so that they can practice and teach yoga anywhere in the world and help humanity to live a balanced and happy life.

Speciality of our Courses

Our Yoga Teacher Training courses in Rishikesh are important stepping stone in your journey towards a Yoga career. Yoga capital Rishikesh surrounded by energizing vibes of Himalaya and Holi river Mother Ganga, lush green jungles, and chanting in temples present a perfect environment for Yoga and Meditation.

  • Family-like atmosphere at Divine Yoga School.
  • Scientific and practical teaching by highly educated and well-experienced teachers who are always ready to help you on and off the mat.
  • Comfortable and peaceful stay to make you ready for the classes. 
  • Satsang and Kirtan which is an integral part of yoga courses.
  • The small size of the batch is quite hassling-free for an effective learning atmosphere.
  • Weekly excursions to nearby places as temples, cave, mountains, river rafting, etc.
  • Birthday and festival celebration to add more joy to life.

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